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Drug Testing Specialist

K & M Care

General Family Medicine For All Ages located in Summerton, SC

If you need to complete drug testing for your job or other reasons, rely on K & M Care in Summerton, South Carolina. Nurse practitioner Miranda S. Kerley and her expert staff offer convenient drug testing and alcohol testing on site. Call the office to schedule your next drug test, or book an appointment online today.

Drug Testing Q&A

What is drug testing?

Drug testing available at K & M Care uses various tests to detect or rule out the presence of illicit drugs and alcohol in your body. The practice offers on-site Department of Transportation (DOT) and non-DOT drug tests, as well as alcohol testing based on what your employer requires.

Why might I need drug testing?

The most common reason for drug testing is that it’s required by an employer. You may also need drug tests to monitor prescribed opioid use, as a condition of playing collegiate or professional sports, or because of legal or forensic purposes.

What are the different types of drug testing?

Some of the different types of drug testing available at K & M Care include:

  • Urine drug tests
  • Hair drug tests
  • Breath alcohol testing
  • DOT drug tests
  • Non-DOT drug tests
  • Same-day drug tests

The type of drug test that’s right for you depends on the reason for the testing. If your employer requires drug or alcohol testing, they often have specific requirements.

How should I prepare for drug testing?

To prepare for a drug test, tell your provider about any medications or dietary supplements you take and avoid eating foods containing poppy seeds prior to completing the test.

When you arrive at K & M Care for drug testing, bring the forms needed by your employer, and K & M Care specialists happily assist you to fill them out. Bring a photo ID, an insurance card if you have one, and payment for costs that might not be covered by your insurance company or employer.

What happens during drug testing?

During drug or alcohol testing at K & M Care, your provider obtains a sample of your urine, hair, or blood to detect or rule out the presence of certain substances. You might also complete an alcohol breath test, depending on what your employer requires. Drug and alcohol testing is simple, fast, and painless.

What should I expect after my test?

After drug testing at K & M Care, you can resume a normal daily routine. When your provider receives the results, which could be the same day as testing or soon afterward, they discuss the results with you. Your specialist also fills out the required paperwork needed by your employer or another organization and makes sure they get a copy.

To schedule drug testing at K & M Care, call the office, or book an appointment online today.