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Physicals Specialist

K & M Care

General Family Medicine For All Ages located in Summerton, SC

If you need a physical for school, sports, or your job, specialists at K & M Care in Summerton, South Carolina, are here for you. Nurse practitioner Miranda S. Kerley and her exceptional staff offer Department of Transportation (DOT) physicals, school physicals, and other types of physicals for men, women, and children. Call the office to schedule a physical with K & M Care, or book an appointment online today.

Physicals Q&A

What are physicals?

Physicals include physical examinations, as well as preventive medicine and diagnostic testing when needed, to assess your overall health and wellness. 

You may need a DOT physical for your job or a physical for school, sports, or a camp. Undergoing a routine physical yearly (annual wellness exam) is the best way to maximize your health or detect medical problems before serious complications develop.

What should I expect during physicals?

During physical exams at K & M Care, specialists often complete the following steps:

Vital signs check

Your provider checks your blood pressure, pulse, body weight, body mass index (BMI), temperature, and other vital signs during a vital signs check.

Medical history review

K & M Care specialists discuss your personal and family history of disease, medication regimen, lifestyle habits, and symptoms you may have during a medical history review.

Physical exam

During a physical exam, your provider evaluates your eyes, ears, breathing, throat, neck, abdomen, reflexes, and more to assess your overall health and wellness. They offer vision and hearing screenings if necessary.

Diagnostic testing

Diagnostic tests available at K & M Care include blood tests, urine tests, heart-function tests, asthma testing, allergy testing, X-rays, and other imaging procedures. 

K & M Care also provides drug and alcohol testing if you need it for a sports or DOT physical. If you’re ill, providers offer rapid tests for flu, respiratory syncytial virus, (RSV), strep throat, and COVID-19.

Treatment, if needed

If you need treatment or vaccinations during a school, sports, or DOT physical, K & M Care specialists can help. They provide wound and fracture care, nutrition and health coaching, prescription medications, specialist referrals, and more based on your personalized needs. 

When should I schedule physicals?

You may need a physical every year or every two years, depending on your unique situation and what’s required by your employer, school, or sports organization.

If you’re simply trying to stay healthy, see the K & M Care specialists every year for a routine physical and wellness check-up.

To schedule physicals for you or a family member, call the K & M Care office, or book an appointment online today.