Dr. Eric L Kerley

Internal Medicine & Pediatric Care located in Summerton, SC

About Dr. Kerley

Eric L Kerley, PhD, MD is originally from Orlando, Florida where he attended Rollins College for an undergraduate degree in Chemistry. He went on to Texas A&M University where he earned a doctorate in Analytical Chemistry. After several years of working as a scientist in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, he enrolled in the East Tennessee State University James H Quillen College of Medicine in Johnson City, Tennessee where he earned his medical degree. He completed his residency in Internal Medicine/Pediatrics at the Orlando Regional Healthcare System and Arnold Palmer Hospital for Women and Children.

Dr Kerley began practice in Morristown, Tennessee working in both outpatient and hospital-based practice. Over the next few years, he worked in Tennessee, Alaska, Oregon, Colorado, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and South Carolina in inpatient medicine. He has directed two programs and served as Chief of Medicine at LeConte Medical Center in Sevierville, Tennessee. Currently, he works as a hospitalist for Prismahealth.

He provided medical services to peoples of the Maasai tribe near Nairobi, Kenya and medical relief in Port au Prince, Haiti after the 2010 earthquake. In his free time, he attempts to play golf, tackles way too many household projects, and paddleboards very badly—which amuses his wife immensely.